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Inspired by the hard shadows of film noir and pulp comics, Thomas delivers the narrative power of an entire story with a single image. Heavy black contour lines provide an even balance against the eye-popping colors of his storyboard-like compositions. Recurring themes include desperate characters, animal anatomy and old-fashioned telephones.

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As an exhibition artist, my wide exposure has provided me the opportunity to work on a multitude commercial projects. Some of my favorite clients include PBS, Disney, Comedy Central and Microsoft. I’m proud to be associated with the establishments I have supported, and look forward to applying my designs to future, high quality products. – Thomas Hurley III

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Do you want to package and sell your ideas? Do you want to turn your ideas into icons? Are you even trying to get noticed? You may need branding. Names, terms, designs, symbols, any other features that identify you from the rest. If you have a product idea, or a small business that needs attention, seek artistic help immediately.



The costume craze started at a very young age. It wasn’t even Halloween. At first it was monsters and robots in the backyard – then a full time job in the city. Stage costumes, a few science fiction films, then prime-time on PBS with Bill Nye the Science Guy. I love creating characters, and good costumes make great characters. Whether I’m drawing clothes on a figure in a painting or filming actors on a set, my attention to wardrobe is still my highest priority. – Thomas Hurley III

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